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Knowing your Purpose – #2 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Jack Canfield contends that without understanding and defining your “life’s Purpose” your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you. Back in 2008, I was invited to be a contributing author of a book called Bootstrap Business, with Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and John Christensen. The book was about how the entrepreneurial spirit shapes [...] Read More

Path to your promised land – 22 days or 40 years?

Most of us are familiar with the story of Moses and how he led the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land.    We know that as the Old Testament story goes, that it took them 40 years. They didn’t exactly go on the most direct route. What you may not know is that […]

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Planting Seeds – #20 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

The most successful entrepreneurs focus on the task at hand until it is complete. Never leaving a job half-done or a project drifting. Just this week I was in meetings with a new partner of mine that told me that this kind of determination and stick-to-itiveness is his secret to success. After meeting with him, […]

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Be Annie, the Modern Day Dumbo – #18 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

Most people give up just as they are about to achieve success.  If they could only see beyond that last roadblock. As an entrepreneur, to be truly fearless, you have to be able to see the away around, over or even under what is standing in your way.   In a recent interview, I was […]

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Look in the mirror – #16 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

To reach your goals quickly you need to be comfortable receiving both positive and negative feedback.  To succeed you need to be able to see yourself clearly.  Most people prefer the positive, receive promotion at work, get paid more, told they are good at something. They dislike any critique or suggestion to improve.  Entrepreneurs who […]

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Go for No – #15 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

Percy Ross (self made millionaire that gave away millions) said the worlds most powerful and neglected secret to success was asking.  I believe that the reason that more people don’t discover this secret is they fear the word NO. In each of my ventures, there has been a need for skills and resources.  In my consulting […]

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Living the “recipe” for success – #12 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

According to Jack Canfield, one of the greatest strategies for success is to act “as if” you are already successful. He suggests that you dress, walk, talk as if you are already where you want to be. I have the “talking” bit down.  On a personal level, I find that I constantly speak in the […]

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“Seeing the 18th hole” – #11 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Recently an interviewer shared with me that Jack Nicklaus, the golfer attributes his success and consistency to the fact that he would visualise every shot BEFORE playing it. Jack would see the end result – the ball landing exactly where he wanted it to and then quickly he would see the swing and shot. Then […]

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Let Go – # 10 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

In Jack Canfield’s book on success principles, he says that successful people have realized that one of the best ways to achieve success faster is not to work harder but to “release the brakes”.   This means letting go of your limiting beliefs, self-image and just letting success happen. I love this picture of a very […]

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Follow the clues – #9 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Tony Robbins popularized the saying  “Success Leaves Clues”.    I love this saying and it is so true.  If you want to be successful, one of the most important things to do is to have the courage to ASK other (successful) people how they achieved their success.  Then follow their success clues.    This is a […]

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