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Distribution Basics: Case in point – American Airlines (Part 2 of 3) Web and Direct Distribution

This is Part 2 in a 3 part series about airline distribution. Here we will talk about the web and direct distribution parts of the airline distribution equation.   The star in this story is American Airlines.  The supporting players are ITA Software (now owned by Google) and Farelogix (lead investor is Sandler Capital).   […]

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The other side of the distribution story: The Case of the New Cookie

When I first saw the promotion for this video, I thought it would be about “cookies” as we know and love them in the browser sense of the word. But turns out it is about the fattening kind.  Upscale cream cookies that require refrigeration and the distribution company’s trucks that can’t accommodate their distribution for […]

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Distribution Battles: AA and Sabre – I can hear the engines revving

  Of my 30+ year career in the travel industry, 13 years of my career were spent with the GDS companies.  Since 1996, I have been doing strategic consulting to companies throughout the travel ecosystem value chain on the nuances of multi-channel distribution, both from a technology and a business model perspective. To order a […]

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Distribution Fundamentals: Looking through a single lens can be hazardous

Any first year MBA student already knows that in order to see the profit picture clearly, you need to look at both revenue and cost. The sunglass graphic at the right is one that I created to make this very basic point. Most of you have played the game of covering up one eye and […]

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Travel Distribution Ecosystem 2011

This past week, former Sabre CEO Kathy Misunas and I decided to publish an updated edition of our book on Multi-Channel Distribution – The Essential Guide, which was originally published a decade ago.   That book was a part of the Travel Distribution Library, a three book series on global travel distribution. In the original book, […]

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The Distribution Ecosystem – The GNEs, where are they now?

For over 30 years now, the distribution ecosystem has been evolving, providing multiple ways for sellers to reach buyers. Those that have been around the industry for any amount of time will remember the days when the GDS not only sat in the center of the distribution diagram, but they were synonymous with distribution. That […]

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