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Marketing Mischief: Travelport 2014 Results – $3.5 billion left on the table

Travelport today broadcast their investor call to talk about their results.  I am struck by two things. First, Gordon Wilson shared that their “attachment rate” of a hotel to an air ticket is up to 43 hotel segments out of 100 air tickets sold.   While on the face, this sounds really wonderful, the focus on […]

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Throwback Thursday – The Future of the GDS (written in 2001)

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Put on your Jetpack and escape status quo – 10 of 10 Einstein LIfe Hacks

The last Einstein quote that I’ve selected for this series (pardon the one week break) is this: A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. I have been busy being clever. Very clever in fact. And I used to think clever was good, until I read this quote on @AlbertE_Quotes on Twitter. […]

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OK, who is REALLY the biggest GDS?

As I look back through all of my blogs, the second most popular one is “Who is the biggest GDS”. (For those wondering what the first most popular blog was, it was the one “To Delta Airlines:  I would have built the website for $80 million…..“). Well, it is time to put this argument to […]

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Distribution Basics: It’s all about supply and demand

Travel distribution is a fundamentally simple matter. It is all about supply and demand. In order to understand it, let’s use the warehouse metaphor. Here are the players: THE SUPPLIER’s FACTORY (we’ll use an airline in this metaphor) is the travel supplier’s central reservation system environment that keeps track of inventory, pricing and manages availability […]

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