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Distribution Basics: Case in point – American Airlines (Part 2 of 3) Web and Direct Distribution

This is Part 2 in a 3 part series about airline distribution. Here we will talk about the web and direct distribution parts of the airline distribution equation.   The star in this story is American Airlines.  The supporting players are ITA Software (now owned by Google) and Farelogix (lead investor is Sandler Capital).   […]

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Travel Industry impact of Google’s acquisition of ITA Software – Market Maker?

In any retail business, when you are able to control or influence consumer behavior, your ability to dominate a particular product or service category increases exponentially.   Take a look at the impact that the frequent flyer programs had on the airlines in the 80’s when they were introduced.  By awarding points and hence influencing […]

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Travel Game Changer – What does Google’s potential acquisition of ITA mean?

Last week, Bloomberg released a story “Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Said to Be in Talks to Buy Travel Company ITA”.  They report that venture funded ITA may be seeking as much as $1b. Who is ITA Software and why are they appealing to Google? Whether this rumor is indeed true, what would this mean for the GDS & OTA industries? How would […]

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