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Tamara Monosoff- The Author-to-Income Formula

Tamara Monosoff- The Author-to-Income Formula: How to Turn Your Book into a Money-Making Empire

This is Book One in a two-book series. It is a content-rich, short-read that shows authors, experts and entrepreneurs how to build a high-profit business as an author.

It includes proven step-by-step strategies on how an author can stand out from the crowd, gain media attention, become an Amazon bestseller and generate multiple streams of income by leveraging his or her expertise and book.

The Author-to-Income Formula training shows authors, experts, and entrepreneurs how to build a high-profit business as an author.

Tamara is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She has written seven business books for authors. She may be best known for founding, Mom Invented, a dynamic company with a dual mission to “Inspire, Inform & Boldly Promote Courageous Women in Business” and “Celebrate the Creativity of Moms by Launching Innovative Mom Invented® Products Around the World.”

In Book One of the series, you will learn the formula I have developed to successfully catapult my books to #1 on Amazon again and again. These tactics have worked with my traditionally published, self-published and Kindle books.

Hitting #1 on Amazon and being featured in the Media will build your credibility as an Author and lay a powerful foundation for generating more sales. 

This book is NOT about how to write a book. Instead, it is for aspiring and published Authors who want to launch or relaunch their books successfully and build a money-making empire.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Book One:
Part 1: How to Create a Powerful Author Platform
Part 2: How to Make Your Book Interactive (this will help book sales & build loyal fans)
Part 3: How to Hit #1 on Amazon

Book Two in the series (coming out soon) will cover:
Part I: How to Prepare for YOUR Moment in the Spotlight!
Part II: The Tools You Need & How to Use Them
Part III: How to Turn Your Book into a Marketing Tool & Make Money Beyond the Book

Think about how incredible it will feel to know the exact steps you need to Hit #1 on Amazon, Sell More Books, Get Featured in the Media Spotlight & Create a Money Making Empire!

Once you learn these crystal clear strategies you can use them again and again.

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Tamara’s website is tamaramonosoff.com/


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