The difference between thanks and acknowledgement

Lots of leaders will say thank you but have you
ever worked for a leader that was great at acknowledgement?   
They are rare in my experience.  
Part of our executive coaching is to help
leaders get GREAT at acknowledgement. 
Because it has a huge impact on: team
performance, corporate culture, loyalty and it really spurs people to go the
extra mile.  
Thank you is easy.  “Hey team thanks for a job well done
with the latest release our clients are delighted”.  
Acknowledgement is harder.  It requires taking the time to really
evaluate what someone did that made a difference. 
Acknowledgement requires you to know what your
people are doing, it requires listening for what your people are proud of.   “Hey Amani thanks for looking at how
our clients were using the software and changing the user interface so they
could get to the most common report in just 2 clicks instead of 5.”  
In today’s relationship economy it is more
important then ever to understand the relevant work that your people are doing
and acknowledge them loudly and often. 
If you don’t they will take their genius somewhere else. 
To make your thank you more powerful, transform
them into acknowledgement — that mischief that can really make a difference to
each and everyone of your associates and yeah, by the way as a leader when you
start acknowledging others you’ll start to feel great too.
Yes there is something in it for you too!
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