The Philanthrocapitalism Revolution- an interview with Matthew Bishop on Uncommon Giving

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Matthew Bishop is the US Business Editor and
New York Bureau Chief of The Economist.

From Buffett to Bono, how
today’s leading philanthropists are revolutionizing the field, using new
methods to have a vastly greater impact on the world.

philanthropists of the past, charity was often a matter of simply giving
money away. For the philanthrocapitalists—the new generation of
billionaires who are reshaping the way they give—it’s like business.
Largely trained in the corporate world, these “social investors” are
using big-business-style strategies and expecting results and
accountability to match. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, is leading
the way: he has promised his entire fortune to finding a cure for the
diseases that kill millions of children in the poorest countries in the

In Philanthrocapitalism, Matthew Bishop and Michael
Green examine this new movement and its implications. Proceeding from
interviews with some of the most powerful people on the planet—including
Gates, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Bono, among
others—they show how a web of wealthy, motivated donors has set out to
change the world.

Before joining The Economist,
Mr. Bishop was on the faculty of London Business School, where he
co-authored three books for the Oxford University Press on subjects
ranging from privatization and regulation to corporate mergers. Prior to
that, Mr. Bishop was educated at Oxford University.

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