Our mission is to accelerate the success of funders and founders by helping them reduce risk and make informed decisions.

Vetting great candidates takes time and quite frankly, one person can’t fill all the needs of the fast-paced world of an emerging company. It takes people of different backgrounds to shape and succeed in the founding, funding, and building of early stage companies.

Enter “The Sounding Board.”

We believe in a world where early stage companies don’t have to waste valuable time and money finding a great board and the right executive advisors to lay the foundation for growth.

The Sounding Board is a concept that Chicke Fitzgerald conceived after having extraordinary success posting a board position on BoardProspects.com.  We highly recommend them as an awesome source of diverse talent.

However, after receiving over 225 responses to her board post, Chicke was faced with a challenge.  How to narrow the field to find just one qualified individual.

Chicke is the founder of Solutionz Innovations and by nature is a problem solver.  So after narrowing the field from 225 to around 110 that she wanted to talk to, she invited them to the Game Changer Network Community platform as a way to communicate to more than one person at once, but still preserve the ability to talk one on one as well.

Of those, 90 opened the invitation.  She was floored when 80 accepted the invitation.  An 80% acceptance rate is unheard of in communities.

Over the last six months she has met a dozen of them face to face and talked to more than 50 of them by phone.  There was no other way to narrow the field further.  At the end of the day, Fitzgerald came to one big conclusion.  There were just too many amazing candidates to pick just one.

What if we could pick the top candidates in each discipline needed (HR, Finance, Governance, IT, etc.) and in each target sector (Care, Events, Media/Publishers, Enterprise Software and Non-Profit).   And what if those individuals could be led by a single person who would also act as a mentor to Chicke.

Together those selected for the Solutionz Innovations Sounding Board would have a single board vote and would be the go to place for the Solutionz Team to go when we need consulting or project work, or even if we need an “acting CxO”.

And imagine if we could get that same group to come to a ThinkTank to help figure out how to reduce risk in early stage company investment by expanding the Sounding Board concept to other emerging companies.

The Sounding Board concept was born.

Meet the 2022 Sounding Board for Solutionz Group.

And at the same time, please meet the rest of our board, professional advisors and our investors.

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