The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling- an interview with Annette Simmons on EGG Live!

The Story
Factor – This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive
Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. EGG Founder Chicke Fitzgerald is
interviewing Annette Simmons. The original live interview was 1/15/10.
This episode is #69 of all time in the top 100 shows on Solutionz Live!

Annette Simmons is a vibrant keynote speaker, consultant and author
of four books: The Story Factor named as one of The 100 Best Business
Books of All Time, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins , A Safe Place for
Dangerous Truth (AMACOM, 1998), and Territorial Games: Understanding and
Ending Turf Wars at Work.

Nearly everyone responds to a good yarn, and that’s precisely the point
behind The Story Factor by Annette Simmons. A “collaborative behavior”
consultant to public and private organizations, Simmons argues that
storytelling may just be the best management tool available to modern
business leaders because it exerts influence in ways that other
techniques cannot. And she doesn’t suggest that stories be exclusively
reserved for formal presentations, either; on the contrary, Simmons
shows how they can be used effectively in small group settings and even
one-on-one situations.
Annette started with a business degree from Louisiana State
University in 1983, spent ten years in Australia in international
business, attained a M.Ed. from NC State in 1994 and started Group
Process Consulting in 1996. Annette is surprisingly honest, ferrets out
hidden opportunities, joyfully takes risks and tells a good story. 
Follow her lead and you’ll likely never relate to any individual or group in the same way again. –Howard Rothman —
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