The Video Marketing On Ramp – Getting Started

Guest post from Video and Beyond blog.  

So you have been following Video and Beyond now since we launched and
you are convinced of the value and ROI potential of integrating video,
but you are not yet doing anything with video.

How do you get up to speed?

Well, it is a bit like the freeway on ramp metaphor when you are driving.  

a complete standstill, it can be a bit daunting to enter a freeway.  I
still remember the first time that I drove on a freeway when I was
learning to drive.

At night, it can be downright intimidating if you are completely in the dark and unable to judge the speed of the oncoming cars.

good news is that the traffic on this particular highway – the travel
industry’s integrated use of video for marketing and conversion, is not
moving quite as fast as you might imagine, so it is not too late to
catch up.

There are some key questions that you need to ask yourself.

If you are wanting to use video to reinforce your
brand/product/service, but don’t have high caliber video of your product
(be it a hotel, cruise ship, an attraction or an entire destination), 
you need to start by producing video reflecting the experience that a
traveler will have with you.   Tell a story.  

2.  If
you have video and you want for someone to manage your video for you, so
that you can focus on your core business, you need to find a company
that can manage your library of rich media (including stills and even
written narrative).  That way, anyone that wants to display your video
would provide it to them in the right format, with the ability to
publish your video in multiple formats for PC, tablet, mobile and even
IP TV and cable.

3.  If you have video, but you want
to play it on more than just your own website, you need to work with a
firm that does video distribution.  It is possible in this scenario to
actually make money on distributing your existing video library through
revenue sharing on advertising, versus paying to promote your product. 
This is not a requirement for a distribution agreement, but it provides a
way to monetize your content, as well as helping people learn about
your product/service.

Bottom line?  Put your foot on
the accelerator.  Set your sights on the integrated digital highway,
using video as your vehicle.  We promise you will see results!

Video sells.

What are you waiting for?


We work hard to ensure that this blog is not a commercial, but we would
be totally remiss if we didn’t point out that Trip Television provides
production services, rich media management and also video
distribution.   If you need help accelerating using integrated video, we can help.

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