The Game Changer is a fable about business transformation.  Unlike a traditional business book, in allegorical style, it weaves in the impact of someone hearing interviews with the authors into the narrative.   The topic of each interview fits the listener like a glove.  Almost as if it were hand selected for them.

Click on the image below and listen to the original interview with them and learn their back stories.

Tom Fishburne Marketoonist

Tom FIshburne

Tom’s cartoons were used to illustrate The Game Changer.

The Influencers

Max Hopper

Max Hopper

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The Other Influencers

The Others

The Book Launch - Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Our Publishing Team

My Agent

Bruce Barbour, Literary Agent

My Publisher

David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing
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