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Prior to founding O’Sullivan Wright in 2000, Joan was head of executive leadership development at Wachovia (Wells Fargo). Her broad understanding of individual leadership and organizational development comes from 21 years in Human Resources Management roles with Philip Morris, Citicorp, and GE Capital. Her Masters Degree in Social Work enables her to help leaders understand important self-awareness issues and individual development, while her many key HR roles with leading corporations gives her the necessary business experience for supporting results-oriented organizational change.
A respected speaker at major global leadership and executive coaches conferences including Linkage and International Coaching Federation, Joan’s articles have been published by the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, CHOICE magazine for coaching professionals, ASTD trade publications, and The Charlotte Business Journal.
Her recently released book, UP – Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life, was nationally acclaimed by Midwest Book Review as a Five-Star citing it to be “…an inspirational book from Joan O. Wright as she advises readers to take up the mantle of importance in their everyday life, and how to apply it to greater success in one’s career, and pursue the summits of their lives. Practical and to the point, “Up” is a fine read that shouldn’t be over- looked by business leadership and self-help collections.”
An avid golfer, yogi and runner, Joan and husband, Tom, have three grown children and enjoy serving their church’s Impact Community, focusing on the reconciliation and pastoral leadership needs in Rwanda and Burundi. Joan was in Africa in September of 2012 for Senai: Climb for a Purpose. She successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak at 19,341 feet, raising money and awareness to enable safe water, orphan care, agricultural production for Africa’s most impoverished communities.

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In the Game Changer, author Joan O. Wright makes an appearance, interacting with and influencing fictional character, Catherine, the head of Product Marketing.  A game changer herself, in her book UP, Pursuing Significance, Joan leads the way showing how women can achieve the power, pride, and joy needed to be a persuasive leader in the workplace.

When Chicke first encountered Joan O’Sullivan Wright, it was because she had read her statement about how climbing Kilimanjaro can change your life and was fascinated to learn more about her experience.  A decade ago, Chicke had a mentor and business partner that had climbed both Kilimanjaro and Everest.  She was the inspiration for Catherine’s climb in the Game Changer.

From Joan’s fictional mentoring in the story, Catherine learned the value of allies, and expert guidance, in the pursuit of significance in her own life.  She also learned to appreciate the brilliant guidance provided by the leaders in her life, and how to tap the support that “climbers” provide to each other.

The Story

The story of Catherine, a frustrated mother who has clawed her way to Vice President despite long odds and heavy cynicism, is transformed by mentoring from Joan O. Wright.  Joan inspires Catherine to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  That summit represents much more than a physical challenge.  It propels Catherine to where she wants to go professionally and personally.

The Interview

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