Imagine that you have a dream of writing an allegorical business novel.  You walk into Barnes and Noble and at first you are overwhelmed.  There are SO many business books to compete with.  No.  It is not a good idea.

Then you take a closer look and see that on nearly every shelf, there is an author that you have interviewed on your radio show.  That is encouraging.  Perhaps there is a way to weave in their stories — to leverage what they have written about and shared so eloquently in their interviews.  Yes.  Then you notice that there is no special section for Allegory or Business Fables.  You check  No, not there either.

There is every reason not to move ahead.  But you do it anyway.

Then one day a producer calls and asks if you would consider being on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland.  You can tell your story, not only of the book, but of the Game Changer Network and your technology company that you are launching to change the world, one trip at a time.  Yes.

This isn’t a dream.  It is my world and I am scheduled to tape my show with Kathy Ireland in late April.  She is beautiful, she is successful, she is actually an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, helping others to achieve their dreams.

Worldwide Business is a syndicated program, designed for business to business companies to tell their story.  It is syndicated on FOX Business and Bloomberg International, as its name says, worldwide.

Stay tuned for more information about our segment on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland and about our Kickstarter campaign for the book and the network.


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