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A cocky, connected sales expert whose entire life has been on the fast track to success…

An aging bachelor who’s lived his entire life for business and is just starting to wonder what it was all for…

A frustrated mother who has clawed her way to Vice President despite long odds and heavy cynicism…

And a once-innovative founder who’s starting to buckle under the pressure of keeping the lights on and his team nurtured…

When things seemed to be at their darkest, an outside investment seemed to have the Company poised for a breakthrough… but now things are breaking in all the wrong ways.

Around the office, they’re aptly called the Firm – and their overwhelming focus on quarterly profits and endless budget exercises is destroying the long-term innovation that made working for the Company a joy.

Jealousy, frustration, and a truly disastrous session with the Firm’s self-absorbed facilitator has led each them to the razor’s edge, willing to go to any lengths to preserve their Company, and their sanity.

They’ve each found insights that they believe in – but when these ideas have to enter the real world, the battle for the Company’s soul demands things of them they never thought possible. Will they reforge their friendship and remember what really matters? Or will they find that they’re better off changing the game on their own?

That’s the Game Changer – a set of 13 interconnected stories aimed squarely at those looking to innovate, lead, and give back to the people around them.

Do you want to stand out from your peers in a cutthroat business environment and build a culture of joy for your staff, customers, and investors?

Do you want to stay ahead of the game and keep your sanity when dealing with difficult co-workers?

You need to read the Game Changer – as soon as possible! In this book you’ll learn to use a number of proven, simple, actionable “micro-techniques” from some of the most trusted business leaders on the planet. The end result? You will build trust with your peers, build fanatical customers, and keep your entrepreneurial spirit in any environment.

It’s PACKED with advice you can start using right away.

What are some of the pragmatic and actionable tactics you’ll learn?

  • Bob Burg and John David Mann present “The Law of Value” and how racing to the bottom line makes sales – and everything else in life – that much harder.
  • How can sales professionals be customer focused without giving up their edge?
  • Joan O’Sullivan Wright shares how women can achieve the power, pride, and joy needed to be a persuasive leader in the workplace.
  • Think Like Zuck’s author Ekaterina Walker shares the five core principles that Zappos, Tom’s Shoes, and Southwest are using to succeed.
  • How can managers cope with sudden changes in company priorities that threaten to leave them in the cold? “The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth” author Chris Brogan explains it with crystal clarity.
  • There’s no one like a former Undersecretary of State to explain surviving – and defying – expectations in a male dominated workplace, and Charlotte Beers delivers in a big way.
  • Dare, Dream, Do author Whitney Johnson inspires one of the Firm’s top guns to change her thinking, adjust her environment, and become a change agent in the Company they’ve invested in.

Also, you will walk away with the following insights:

  • How entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of all stripes can fight “shiny object syndrome” and create a culture of joy in their workplace without having absolute authority.
  • How big clients can leave you distracted, drain your energy, and sink your business: Rebel Brown shares a couple of massive highlights from “Defy Gravity”.
  • Everyone talks about customer service… but what happens when we expand our definition of what a “customer” is? Peter Shankman teaches us exactly how “Zombie Loyalists” are created.
  • How can the principles of improv comedy help you plant seeds of joy and innovation – even in a workplace where you have to fight to be heard? Karen Hough spills all.

Featuring cameo appearances from singer-songwriter Jace Everett and the comic stylings of “The Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne, the Game Changer is a book for almost anyone looking to improve their business lives.

How will your business improve?

If you are an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur within a corporation, a solopreneur, someone that wants to escape corporate life or an investor in early stage companies, the Game Changer was written for you to provide inspiration and encouragement to stay the course and get to the top of your own mountain.

This interweaving of Chicke’s real-life interviews with top authors and the key points from other authors’ books is a unique approach to delivering her message. It is also a testament to her personal leadership style – learning from other leaders and acknowledging those game-changers’ impact in her personal and professional life.

Learn how to build a stronger culture in your business and protect your innovative spirit by clicking the BUY NOW button at the bottom of this section!

Listen to the backstory about how the project evolved and be one of the first ones to order your copy of the Game Changer.

Listen to the backstory about how the project evolved and be one of the first ones to order your copy of the Game Changer.

Bob Burg SpeakingForward by Bob Burg, the co-author of The Go-Giver

If you have ever tried to build a business, joined an early stage company, or invested in a business, you know that the leadership team and employees face immense challenges at every stage of the company’s development. If the company is growing, it is still hard, but you are one of the lucky ones. If the company is failing, it’s not only harder, it is much less rewarding and a lot more stressful. The fact is that nearly 9 out of 10 startups in the U.S. fail. And the average “overnight success” takes eight years.

In The Game Changer Chicke Fitzgerald applies what she has learned from her personal and professional successes and failures to craft a story about transformational business design. The result of that design is a culture of joy, enjoyed by the staff, customers, and investors alike.

Chicke’s experience creating and leading startups, coupled with her track record as an innovation leader with American Airlines Sabre, Worldspan and SITA, give her a very broad perspective on the challenges companies and teams face at all stages of the game. She adeptly brings those experiences and perspectives to the story of Avi and his team as they struggle to grow their software company, even after taking in outside investment.

The allegorical writing style in The Game Changer makes it a personal journey as well as a business book.

As readers, we can all identify with the characters and the dynamics across the team. You will have plenty of Oh yeah, I’ve been there, moments as you read this book. The characters’ backstories frame their points of view and outline their strengths and weaknesses and their roles in the current business. Because each character helps personalize the learning and make the lessons relevant, any business professional will relate to the story and enjoy the read.

Reading this book, you will be exposed to snippets of other great business and marketing books and get the themes and highlights from a host of bestselling business and leadership authors. This interweaving of Chicke’s real-life interviews with top authors and the key points from other authors’ books is a unique approach to delivering her message. It is also a testament to her personal leadership style—learning from other leaders and acknowledging those game-changers’ impact in her personal and professional life.

The author’s goal was to make The Game Changer an easy, yet impactful, read and it is.

You will learn something valuable in each chapter and get tips that you will be able to apply in your business that same day. Use The Game Changer to identify the challenges in your business and your team and set the course to your next level of success.

After all, that is Chicke’s goal as a game changer—to accelerate your success and to give you the courage to write your own aspirational story.

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