Time Off – Good Mischief or Bad Mischief?

MasterCard has a new commercial that is airing that has kids talking about how they don’t get why their parents don’t take vacations.  When you look at the picture below, I’ll bet you are asking yourself the same question.

I just finished booking a week’s holidays at a fabulous resort in Mexico for my 25th anniversary.  Yes, we are taking the kids (they would kill us if we left them home) and NO, I am not taking my laptop. 

Taking time off is definitely good mischief.  But you have to REALLY take it off.  So to my well-meaning clients, make sure that you don’t need anything between July 19th and the 26th.   I’m giving you ample warning!

When was the last time you took a real block of time off and left work at work?

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