Travel Industry Stock Portfolio Added to Distribution Solutionz

Every once in awhile I get time to work “on” my business versus “in” my business.  Good advice for every entrepreneur (and you corporate types too).

Today I added Yahoo! Finance’s real time stocks for the industry.  I’ve included a handful of airline stocks and the OTAs, a couple of hospitality players, car rental companies, cruise lines and some media companies that play in the travel industry for good measure.

If the GDSs were public, you can count on the fact that they would be there as well.   Now, I do know that Amadeus is a public company, but Yahoo doesn’t support the Madrid exchange information.

The thing I love about the Yahoo ticker widget is that it shows in green and red where each one is today, updated in real time.  And if you want more information on a particular stock, you can click on its symbol and it will take you to Yahoo! Finance for that stock.

If you want me to include your travel industry or media company so that this can be the place where you check your standing against the industry, just let me know!

Ya’ gotta love technology!

Chicke Fitzgerald, Solutionz
Distribution Solutionz

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