TravelCom 09 – The butterfly and the chrysalis

The butterfly to the left is part of the branding for this year’s TravelCom Conference, coming up on March 31-Apr 2nd in Atlanta. This year’s conference is being held at the Omni, near CNN’s world headquarters.

The butterfly is a very interesting symbol and in and of itself is a symbol of struggle and indeed a miracle. The process of going from chrysalis to butterfly is one that cannot be rushed and it cannot be helped.

If the butterfly doesn’t struggle within the chrysalis, it’s wings would not strengthen enough to let it fly when it emerges from the cocoon. Just try cutting it off and see what happens to the butterfly. Second thought, don’t. Let nature’s work be done.

How often, in pursuit of the symbol on the upper right hand corner of the butterfly (money, profitability) do we ignore what is in the upper left (inspiration, innovation)? And we forget that communication between each of us is key to keep the flow going.

And yes, the struggle to get out of the cumbersome chrysalis and emerge strong as the beautiful butterfly is what we are all hoping for in these times of economic challenge.

If you aren’t signed up for TravelCom because budgets are tight and travel has been all but cancelled, think again. Innovation is essential to life and hard times are essential to flight. You can touch more prospects at TravelCom than you will be able to touch in a full quarter and you will get more inspiration and ideas along the way. Networking and support are vital to growth.

I hope to see you there.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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