Waiting to exhale

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Do you remember the movie “Waiting to Exhale”? The story line followed four women and their relationships.

It is a rainy day in Tampa and I’m left to muse as I wait for the sunshine. As I wait, it occurs to me that many of us are doing a lot of waiting for brighter days.

I’m thinking that the “waiting to exhale” in this case is an industry that is frozen in place, not making any moves for fear that the move may be the wrong one.

Here are some of the things that you may be contemplating:

  • Do I continue moving your distribution from the travel agent channel to my own web site? How can I tell the real cost/benefit of this move?
  • Do I discount my product to try to attract more travelers? What is the long term impact and is there another way to sell my product during tough times?
  • I’ve heard you talk about the drive market as an untapped opportunity. How do I reach out to the drive market (85% of all travel in US) versus the air traveler?
  • Do I continue to provide significant supply to the online channels on merchant model? Is it time to start looking at having these channels take some risk?
  • Do I lay off my sales staff and hope that somehow business will come to me during these tough times?
  • What projects do I cancel now that I don’t have the staff to execute my original plans? How do I prioritize?

You may not know that Solutionz provides phone consultation services, in addition to traditional consulting. If you just need an hour on the phone each week to talk through the key issues and brainstorm a plan moving forward, we have a program that will meet your needs during these lean times and that will get you ready for the day that we all bask in the sunshine of a stronger economy.

Call me.

Chicke Fitzgerald

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