What International Philanthropy Can Do- an interview with David Bonbright on Uncommon Giving

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David Bonbright is founder and Chief
Executive of Keystone, who’s mission is to improve the
effectiveness of social purpose organizations.

Over the past three decades, as a grantmaker and
manager with Aga Khan Foundation, Ford Foundation, Oak Foundation, and
Ashoka, David has sought to evolve and test innovative approaches to
strengthening citizen self-organization for sustainable development as
an alternative to prevailing bureaucratic, top-down models of social
service delivery and social value creation.

While with the Ford
Foundation, he was declared persona non grata by the apartheid
government in South Africa. In 1990 he returned to South Africa and
entrepreneured the development of key building blocks for civil society,
including the first nonprofit internet service provider, the national
association of NGOs, the national association of grantmakers, and
enabling reforms to the regulatory and tax framework for not-for-profit
organisations that were among the first laws passed by the newly elected
Mandela government.

  They work with them to
develop better ways of planning, measuring and reporting social change.
Their analysis provides an in-depth description of the difficulties
social organizations face in measuring and reporting their impact.

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Keystones website is www.keystoneaccountability.org/

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