Who are you and why am I lucky enough to have you visit me?

Since I hit the 100,000th visitor mark, my daily visits have continued to climb.    I am grateful for both my loyal viewers/listeners and my new ones

In the past, my visitors were primarily from the travel industry, as I wrote mostly about distribution.

Now that I have expanded the topic of my blog substantially, viewership continues to expand, but it leaves me wondering who you are and what are your interests?

And those of you from France, China, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Ukraine,
Spain, Belgium and Germany who viewed the blog yesterday.  I appreciate
you taking time out of your busy day to read my take on success and

While you may not be the sort to comment on a blog, I would love to connect with you and know a little more about you.  It always helps to know your audience.

Checkout my page on About.me.   From there you can follow me on social media or email me directly. 

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