Will begin musing again soon – This week’s focus: Solutionz Live!

This week was the launch of the Solutionz Live! social broadcasting network. This is the “new new media” that you may have been hearing about. The show is broadcast using the blogtalkradio.com platform, which means that I was able to launch a complete new venture in just 2 weeks, since all I had to concern myself with was the content and the sponsorship.

Last week I broadcast 6 hours of programming for those that are unemployed, underemployed, self-employed and afraid you wont’ be employed soon. www.blogtalkradio.com/cfitzgerald
Thanks to Travelport for their sponsorship of the Transition Solutionz Series.

This week I launched the new network, focused on professionals from the 3 distinct aspects of your life.

  • Tuesday was the business focus – innovation, leadership, investment insights and growth, sponsored by TrendyPrints.com and Magnetic Messenger.
  • Wednesday focused on the social side 0f professional life with discussions of social networking and faith in the marketplace. Thanks to PJ Inc. for their sponsorship today.
  • Tomorrow’s show is on the personal side of professional life with four segments on life balance, wellness, giving and career transition. Thanks to the Barbados Tourism Authority for sponsoring tomorrow’s show. See promo for tomorrow’s show on YouTube.

www.solutionzlive.blogspot.com for more information
www.blogtalkradio.com/solutionz live to listen in live or on demand
Call Chicke Fitzgerald at 813-925-0789 for information on sponsorship

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