The winner of the “Statement of the Obvious Award” is AA’s Gerard Arpey

There is no secret to the fact that there is enormous revenue at risk here and enormous stakes in the outcome of these discussions with the GDSs, and that’s why, candidly, they have wound up in court, because we are trying to break some of these monopolistic practices.            
                                                                                                    Gerard Arpey, American Airlines 
last week’s AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR) earnings call

I guess Gerard is conveniently forgetting that all of the original productivity pricing deals with the agencies to build up the GDS franchise were signed by people with American Airlines and United Airlines on their business cards.

It is not over yet.  August 31st is right around the corner and I don’t see the courts or the Department of Justice rushing to resolve this complex dispute.

The Travel industry is tightly interconnected and the impact of this dispute reaches far beyond AMR, Travelport and Sabre.

Stay Tuned. 

Chicke Fitzgerald  Solutionz

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