Wow! 100,000 visits. Too cool for school.

There is something about milestones that makes us pause.  When your car turns over to the next number ending in 000, when you hit the big x0 (fill in your x), when we’ve been married for any multiple of 25 — we stop and celebrate the moment.

Today, my blog hit 100,000 visits.  For all the late nights that I’ve stayed up writing, it makes it all worthwhile.

To my loyal readers (especially those of you in France that I have NO earthly idea how you found me), THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.  And those of you in Germany, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Poland and Belgium, don’t think I don’t know you are there!  I pay attention to those that read my blog. 

And for the one that was my 100,000th, I wish I could let you celebrate the moment with me.   Perhaps with the chocolate lava cake that I wrote about today!

You guys are why I write.  

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