Death by text?



Guest post from Video and Beyond blog.  

How do you communicate most effectively?

This week I was with a client in Las Vegas working on their business plan
and rather than talking through each point and hoping that everyone was
on the same plane, I did what I do best

I painted a sticky note picture on the wall (or in this case on the windows of the
room).   For those of you that have hired me to do strategic planning
for your organizations, this will not surprise you in the least.

There is just something about putting thoughts in a visual format that works.

Even if the sticky notes contain words, by putting them in relational groups and color coding concepts, the point [forgive me in advance for this one] just “sticks”.

That same business plan, portrayed in words on paper, is what I call death by text.  I know that there are
many venture capitalists who will agree.

Now, imagine the same story on video, told by the CEO with visuals and I can see investors pulling out their checkbooks to invest.

OK, shift gears to telling the story about your product.

Does your website have more text space than visuals?   That is death by text.  Conversion rates are measured behind a decimal point.

Have you progressed to using photos to tell your story?  Better, but still at the sticky note phase.  Your conversion rates might actually move to the left of the decimal point, but just barely.

Add in video and I think you will be pleasantly surprised to continue the move the number to the left of the decimal.

And after all, conversion is what it is all about in the travel industry.  And text laden websites will not get you there.  Still photos are better, but the fact is that video sells.

What are you waiting for?


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