New name, new focus

Let me start by saying to the loyal fans of my blog that I am not abandoning the topic of distribution.  It is just that I find that it is a bit limiting for me, as my true passion is much broader than travel distribution and in fact, even much broader than travel itself.   

But having said that, I have been in the travel industry since 1978, nearly 35 years.   The
last 18 years of that has been as a strategic consultant with a decided
bias toward innovation and differentiation.   Over the past 10 years, my clients have expanded beyond the travel industry to telecommunications, insurance, financial services, not-for and non-profits and media companies.

I live for change and I thrive on the exploration of the possible that at the moment may seem impossible. I love the lightbulb image here as it demonstrates the essence of

So, I am changing the name of the blog from Distribution Solutionz to Think Tank.   While I will still focus primarily on innovation in the travel industry, I will also talk about broader topics that have applicability in other industries. 

The goal of this blog is to provide education and community around big, game changing issues and also to highlight research that provides validation for those ideas.

Welcome.  And stay tuned. 

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