Marketoonist is the thought bubble of Tom Fishburne, a career marketer and cartoonist.

Tom started cartooning on the backs of business cases as a student at Harvard Business School. While in various marketing roles at General Mills, Nestle, Method and HotelTonight, Tom parodied the world of marketing in a weekly cartoon. His cartoons have grown by word of mouth to reach 100,000 business readers each week and have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Times.

Tom soon realized that cartoons are a remarkable form of shareable media. He launched Marketoonist to help large and small businesses such as Google, GE, Kronos, Motista, Rocketfuel, reach their audiences with cartoons.

Tom is a frequent keynote speaker on innovation, marketing and creativity, using cartoons, case studies, and his marketing career to tell the story visually. The Huffington Post ranked his South-By-Southwest (SXSW) talk the third best of the conference out of 500.

Tom gave a talk at the Do Lectures about pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a cartoonist.

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Tom Fishburne has always been a game changer, simply by his willingness to challenge the status quo through his craft, which happens to be great marketing cartoons.

Chicke discovered these tongue-in-cheek cartoons and began using them in her consulting to playfully point out the “elephant in the room” to her clients. He became a part of the Village when he agreed to let Chicke use some of his cartoons in The Game Changer and Tom is now designing custom cartoons for the new TripPlanz™ product launch.

We hope that you enjoyed how we used his cartoons to punctuate the Game Changer story.  Here are those cartoons.


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Tom Fishburne Speaking at Google Think Branding
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