Taking Responsibility – #1 of 25 Traits of Fearless Entrepreneurialism

Gaping Void is one of my favorite sites, as it has amazing art that tells a story.  Every couple of days, they send out a new piece of art to their email list.  So not only are they forward thinking artists, but they are solid marketers, allowing users to post their images on social media, as well as purchasing the art in various sizes, suitable for framing.

The story of today’s piece of art is that success seems like child’s play.  This plays right into my new blog series.  The series is based on the 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield.

The first trait of the fearless entrepreneur is taking full responsibility for the results you achieve.

Good and bad – a fearless entrepreneur doesn’t blame or hide behind their upbringing, their financial situation, education or social sphere for their success or otherwise.  In short, they make it look easy, like child’s play.

How did this principal play its part in my own success?  I’m glad you asked.


  • For me, asking about taking responsibility for results is a little like asking about breathing.  We can’t exist without taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide.
  • Likewise as an entrepreneur, our actions produce results and those actions include leading others toward a goal.  It is how we stay alive as an entrepreneur.
  • If we tried to reverse the breathing process, taking in carbon dioxide and getting rid of oxygen, we would die.
  • Likewise, if we are not effectively leading others toward our goal and seeing the link between those actions and results, our businesses will die.


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