GBTA Update: Travel Distribution: It Looks a Bit Chaotic

From the good old days, when it was simple to connect to 500+ airlines, 40,000 or more hotel properties and virtually every car rental company worth renting from worldwide through a single GDS to now, the picture is a tad more chaotic.
If you have visited the trade show floor hear at GBTA you will know that I cannot possibly fit all the logos of all the companies who now play in this space.   And if you are confused, you are not alone.
Not only do the suppliers have choice of who to use to distribute their products, but your customers have choice as well and with industry giants Google, Bing and even Apple getting into the travel game, it is hard to tell what the future holds.  
From the Direct Connect:  The Hot Seat panel at GBTA 2011 – moderated by Chicke Fitzgerald
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